WE’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE OURSELVES!  WE’RE THE VEGE-LUTIONARIES - the fruit and veges of this world. A symbol of health and freedom! We’re proud of our heritage and live to make this world a healthier place.  
Now we need your help...
Some of our living conditions could be better.  We have been oppressed and contained by plastic packaging for too long.... join the Vege-lution and help us reclaim our freedom!
do you love us?
We’re running a poll to see who wants to join the crusade for better packaging. Tell us… would you make the switch from plastic packaging to something more sustainable and environmentally friendly if the option was available?
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meet our biggest supporters
We love the Enviro Pac™ team.
They make us feel good, with room to breathe and sustain our good health and flavour. They use lots of natural and renewable resources in their packaging and they keep introducing new packaging solutions into their range. Yum. Check them out below...
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Made from natural and renewable resources
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Reduces food waste
Icon of a recycling rubbish bin
All products are compostable or recyclable
Icon of hands cupping a branch with leaves
No chemicals, dyes or bleach
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we also love jenkins freshpac systems
They’re the heroes who make and supply the Enviro Pac™ range of packaging across New Zealand and Australia.  Great guys!
They have been delivering fresh ideas and solutions to showcase New Zealand’s fabulous fresh produce to the world for over 135 years.

They believe in leading the way with environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. Join them in leading a more sustainable New Zealand.
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